Rose Varieties

Choose roses that will grow well in New South Wales

Roses are available for sale either as ‘bare rooted’ in plastic bags with the roots surrounded in damp sawdust or growing in a pot. Bare rooted plants are dormant – they have no leaves or flowers and are only available in winter. Roses growing in pots are available for sale all year round and are actively growing with leaves and possibly flowers. Whether you choose bare rooted or container plants make sure that they have strong green canes.

Roses can be ordered from rose catalogues available in autumn from rose nurseries. 

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Photos courtesy of:
Hayden Foulds (RSNZ), Cheryl Moore, Susan Wade, Janet Wright, Pat Cunningham, Bruce Sanders, Richard Walsh, Brenda Burton, Helen Elphinstone-King, Kristin Dawson, Glynis Hayne, Doug Hayne and Rosalie Vine.