Australian Rose Award to Colin Hollis

It is with considerable pleasure that I announce that in 2019, the National Rose Society of Australia has awarded its most prestigious award - the Australian Rose Award - to Colin Hollis. This award was made on the recommendation of the National Rose Society of Australia Awards Committee.

Colin was unanimously nominated and recommended for the award, and the presentation took place at the 2019 National Rose Society formal dinner on Saturday, 26 October 2019.

Over many decades Colin has contributed to the promotion of the rose in many ways, whether during his political career in the support of various gardens such as the Old Parliament Houde Rose Garden, his membership of the NSW Rose Society Illawarra Region and as President of the Rose Society of NSW. Highlights of his time as chair of the Illawarra Region including the organisation of two trips to New Zealand for Rose Society members in collaboration with the late David Rushton. 

During his time as President of the Rose Society of NSW, Colin has overseen the creation of four new regions. Without his initiative, leadership, networking and sheer hard work, we would not have the regions of Southern Highlands, Upper North Shore and Hills, Central Coast - Lake Macquarie and Southern Sydney. These regions have brought together many more people together to enjoy the love of the rose and the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the growing and exhibiting of roses. Colin has spent a hugh amount of time in following up these regions, whether through visiting or many hours standing at information stalls bringing in new members to these Regions. 

Colin has promoted Rose Growing Workshops and the Exhibitors Workshops during his time as President, with many joining the Rose Society after these events to enjoy the rewards of beautiful roses in their gardens. 

The love of Miniature and Miniflora roses has been significant for Colin for many years and the establishment of a Miniature/Miniflora Rose Show in 2017 brought this vision to fruition. His enthusiasm continues with his ongoing promotion of future such shows. 

Colin has worked tirelessly over many years on the promotion of the Rose Society of NSW and of roses to members of the public. He well deserves the recognition of this prestigious Award in acknowledgement of the significant contribution he has made and for the vision he has been able to put in place. 

My thanks to Judith Oyston (Historian) for her assistance in the preparation of the citation to the National Rose Society Awards Committee

Kristin Dawson 

Secretary and Public Officer

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